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Class Page

Navigate to the Class page and you can see an interactive list of enrolled students per assignment.


Select the 'Assignment' dropdown to choose which assignment to display


Select the 'Search' dropdown to look up a student by entering their name or email. Or by scrolling down the list of enrollments.

You can also view the 'Student View' environments of different instructors or admins from the 'Search' dropdown

My Student View

Select the 'My Student View' button to enter the Student View mode, your own learner environment to view the student experience.

Selecting a Student

Select a student's name to open a side panel of that student's information pertaining to the selected assignment. From this panel you can:

  • View the student's lab activity

  • Open the student's work area

  • View student email

  • See the first and last time the student accessed the lab

  • View most recent submission

    • Select the 'Actions' button to open the submission page ('View'). Or adjust the submission date and parameters ('Extend') for the selected student.

Team Projects

When your assignment is set as a team project the Class page will reflect this by displaying the class in their respective teams

More information on setting up teams in the Team Projects section.

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