GenAI Control Center
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The Vocareum GenAI Control Center allows you to efficiently add, distribute, and manage your Generative AI keys. This platform provides a streamlined and secure way to handle your AI access credentials, ensuring that your keys are allocated appropriately and remain protected with optimal control and oversight.

Navigating to the GenAI Control Center

From the Vocareum dashboard, using your Admin account, select the 'GenAI' button to access the Control Center.

GenAI Control Center


The Dashboard page of the Control Center presents a comprehensive overview of your organization's usage and expenditure of Generative AI resources. Additionally, the Dashboard provides detailed breakdowns of daily or monthly spend across various courses within your organization, allowing you to track and manage resource usage efficiently.


Add your GenAI Key here to make it available in your Vocareum course. You can select between forms for OpenAI, Azure, Llama2 or Custom. When you all the correct information has been added , please select Add API Key. Your key will now be visible from the list below the Add GenAI Key form.

Optionally, you can associate a model with each key and set custom budget constraints per prompt and completion.

User Keys

If you wish to distribute a master GenAI key to specific users outside of the classroom experience, creating a custom user key is a convenient alternative.

From the 'Lookup User' bar select 'Add New User+'.

Create a new user by adding their email address and creating an account name. Select 'Enroll New User'

Now that the new user has been registered, select their name from the 'Lookup User+' bar. Select the key you want them to have access to, determine the amount of budget, and select 'Add Key'. Now the user will have access to your GenAI Key, and you will be able to see their spend, as well as control their allowed budget.

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