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While creating an assignment, following options are available under "Options" -

Publish Grades - If set to ON, students will be able to see the grades and associated data like comments and grading report. This flag sets the state of the system so turning it OFF will make the data immediately unavailable to the students. If set to 'After Due Date' the grades will be published only after the set due date if activated in the Part settings of the assignment, under the Submission section:

Team Project - If set to ON, system prompts for minimum and maximum team sizes. Students are prompted to create teams of minimum size before they can start the assignment. See Team Projects for more details.

Peer Review - Vocareum offers a rich set of peer review functionality. See the Peer Review section for more details on how to use this feature.

Leaderboard - If set to ON, students are presented with a "Leaderboard" button on the assignment page. See the Leaderboard section for more details

Access Date - It can be used to schedule when the users are able to access their lab at a future time. If not set, the lab is available immediately.

Max Slip Days - This options shows up only if the total number of slip days is set to a value great than 0 at the course level. This is the maximum number of slip days that can be used by this assignment.

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