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Getting Started (Administrators)

New Admin Walkthrough Guide

Written by Kevin Wesley
Updated over a week ago

As an administrator for your organization within Vocareum, you'll wield the highest level of visibility and control, encompassing organizational settings, cloud resources, LTI integration, individual assignment parameters, and student account management. This guide serves as your starting point for navigating the platform and acquainting yourself with the capabilities and privileges inherent in your administrative role in Vocareum.


You should have received an email invitation to join Vocareum. Simply click on the link in the email, and it will take you to the login page. If you haven't received the invite, please go to the login page and click "Forgot Password" after entering your email. Once logged in, you'll encounter Terms and Conditions to agree to.

Vocareum Dashboard

This Dashboard will be your landing page when you log in to Vocaruem. From the Dashboard you will be able to view and navigate to all courses under your Org.

The Dashboard allows access to other import features for org admins.

  1. Table Options

    • If you occupy multiple roles such as org admin, or instructor. You can set the search parameters based on the role.

    • Navigate to your Org settings

  2. AWS/Gen AI/Dashboard

    1. If your organization is using AWS or Gen AI features selecting either will take you to their respective summary and cost breakdown pages.

    2. Select Dashboard to be taken to comprehensive breakdown of usage and spend across your organization.

  3. Reports

    1. Specify your organization and license and choose csv reports covering student and org breakdowns. As well as monthly usage and monthly arrivals for your organizations.

  4. Sessions

    1. Select to view VM, container, Databricks, or cloud sessions data across your organization.

Course List

On the Dashboard, you'll find a list of all active courses within your organization. You can view and arrange courses by the following columns:

  1. Course Name

    • Below the course name you will find links to its Settings, Dashboard, Assignments and Class pages.

    • 'Reports' will provide a monthly usage report (.csv format) of the course based on the set month and year.

  2. Course ID

  3. Number of Enrolled Students in Course

  4. Start/End Date of Course

  5. Actions

    • Update the contents of the Clones ('Children') of this 'Parent' course.

    • Parent will take you directly to the settings to the 'Parent' of this cloned course.

    • Resources opens a modal to adjust Course settings like the course name, start/end dates, and the ability to enable and disable LTI and resources available in the course (Cloud, VM, OpenAI, GPU and Databricks).

  6. Show only archived courses

    • Toggled on, the course list will only show archived (past the end date) courses under the selected Org.

Vocareum Dropdown Menu

Quick access to features available to Admins

  • Home

    • Takes you to your Vocaruem Dashboard.

  • Classes

    • List of courses you are enrolled in as a Student.

  • Manage

    • List of courses you can access under your Org.

  • Help

  • Inbox

    • View downloadable reports, and updates on certain actions you might perform.

  • Profile

    • Represented by your name. You can access your profile settings and logout of your account from here.

Edit Org

Select Edit Org to be taken to your organizations settings. Org settings are covered in detail here.

Add Course

When you are ready to create a Course, select 'Add Course' on your Dashboard.

You will be met with the above modal with the following parameters:

Note: Parameters with a red asterisk are required to create a course

  1. Define the Course name.

  2. Define the Start Date for students to access the course.

  3. Define the End Date for students to no longer access the course.

  4. Enable LTI for the course. More information on LTI course configuration can be found here.

Options under Enable Resources will only appear if they are enabled in your Organization

Course Settings

When creating a new course, the first step as an Admin is to visit the Course Settings to ensure all information and resources are properly accounted for and set accordingly.

Visit our Course Settings helpdoc for more details.

Creating an Assignment

Now that you have set up your Course, you will need to create your first Assignment. The best place to start is with our flagship Vocareum Notebook. Follow our Vocareum Notebook Assignment Creation guide to get started.

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